On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
>hi, i just tried out the new gdyntext and found it really well-done.
>the graphic guy here does not think so... here are some comments from him:
>1/ kerning is missing. it would be great to have kerning and the ability
>   to apply it selectively to parts of the text. that is:
>   ciao marco -> (i select `o mar' and apply some kerning) -> ciao  m a rco
I know that, however, if I remember well, X11 can't allow kerning control, I
should use t1lib and the freetype libraries for implementing a new font
rendering engine (however this will require to have installed properly those
libraries in order to allow gDynText to run ...).
Is there anyone with a better solution for the "kerning problem"? ;)

>2/ changing font changes the font for all the text. it would be nice to 
>   be able to write with different fonts and apply them selectively, just
>   like the kerning.
>3/ idem for the color and other font attributes...
Eh, eh, I know that!! I'll work on those features as soon as possible! ;))

>he said that will abandon photoshop if only the text in gimp is a little
>better... :)
I'm working (also for you)! ;))
Happy GIMPing,
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