> Here is my proposal: save and restore all layer attributes (opacity,
> mode, keep trans, visibility) together with any operation that is
> currently put on the undo stack.
> This means that if you do anything that starts an undo step
> (e.g. painting in the image), the current attributes of all layers are
> saved on the undo stack.  After finishing your painting operation, you
> can modify the visibility or mode of any layer and nothing will be
> saved on the undo stack... until you start another undoable operation
> and then the current layer attributes are saved again at the same time
> as the new undo step is created.  Later, if you undo the last
> operation, then the image is restored and simultaneously all layer
> attributes are reset to the values that they had before.

This sounds extremely similar to our proposal for the Undo system
of Gimp-2.0, where we will record changes to the context together
with the Undo information. 

The question is: do we really want to make this change now? This
won't be trivial and is likely to introduce new bugs. We could 
have a 1.2 release this month, or we start to hack the undo system
now and end up doing similar changes until the end of the year.
Is this change worth that effort? 

Salut, Sven

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