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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 18:59:41 -0400
From: Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [Gimp-print-announce] Gimp-print 3.1.6 release

This is to announce the release of gimp-print 3.1.6, for use with the
Gimp and (for Epson Stylus printers) for GhostScript.  GhostScript can
thus serve as a RIP for Epson Stylus printers.

Our home page is http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net.

There will probably be one more round of major quality improvement
that is currently under development before our next major release,
which will be 3.2.  I intend to release 3.2 some time this summer

Print 3.1.6 contains the following improvements over Print 3.1.5:

1) Print speed has been greatly improved for sparse pages.  This will
   not help too much for images, but it will help greatly for text and
   other typical PostScript printing.

2) 3.1.5 turned out not to improve print quality over 3.1.4; in fact,
   there was some regression.  There has been some improvement over
   3.1.5, particularly for higher end printers.  1440x720 enhanced
   mode (which is computed as 1440x1440) using adaptive hybrid or
   adaptive random dithering appears to work best.

3) Microweave and 360 dpi positioning is now correct.

4) The Lexmark 4076 is now supported (as a PCL printer).

5) The preview window now notes the size of the image in addition to
   the position.

6) The code now uses much less memory at high quality settings.

7) Perturbed ordered dithering has been removed.

8) An experimental program to perform nozzle check, head cleaning, and
   head alignment is now included.  This is potentially dangerous, so
   read the accompanying help information carefully before performing
   head alignment!

9) The Ghostscript driver now correctly handles -r1440x720.

10) The PDQ support has been updated, and a CUPS .ppd file added
   (these are not tested).

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