>> There has to be something to explain the installation stating that you need
>> 170Meg of disk space which is about twice the space needed for the GIMP.
>170 = 2 * 17? The factor for a standard gimp (current cvs) is 10, not 2!

Umm... even Gimp's source is below 50 MB (below 8 Mb compressed). Maybe they
implement FS RAID, so you never lost data. Hehehe.

Now, seriously, IIRC the 170 MB tarball is the complete install, both for
RPM and Deb based systems. I dunno how you can install in other systems (or
overriding the package system, a tactic I use sometimes). A single system
tarball should be 85 MB, or at least that was the file size I remember. I
wonder why do not do a data pack and a small installer for the package
system (including "no pgk system").

I do not have the space to install that monster... nor the money to pay the
phone. So it will have to wait until a mag puts it the CD or I visit a place
with a fat pipe.


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