I have a desire to write gimp scripts which run from the command line
with gimp --batch
and I'm balked at the odd differences between batch access and normal
As this constitutes an itch, I thought I'd scratch it by removing the
(ie. propagate the much nicer internal usage out to the command line).
Before embarking on a mad fit of scratching, I'd like to find out a few

1) Why is it like that.  If there's a good reason for it to be that way,
I shouldn't "fix" it.
2) Is somebody already working on this?  If so how may I assist.
3) Are there any monster architectural changes that are about to make
this irrelevant for 1.2?
4) Before I dive blindfold into the deep end of the code, is there any
advice about where I
     should start looking?
5) Are there any good online developer docs abnout gimp internals that I
can/should read
     before starting?

Thanks for your time folks.

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