"Jason T. Slack" wrote:
> I use Metrowerks, but not Powerplant, I am used to straight C already.
> Does Gimp run on Linux PPC or just x86?

It's written in C, so it is CPU independent.  (I will basically run on anything
you can compile the C code on.  Most CPUs, including the PPC family and x86 family,
have C compilers.)  (Of course you still have to port it over to the MacOS operating
system.  The GIMP already run on Linux for PPC,... but that's a different story.)

> I e-mailed the guy who wants to port gimp to MacOS X to get his thoughts as
> he is not a programmer.
> Does anybody want to see Gimp on Mac OS or OS X?

I have friends who use Mac, and want to use the GIMP on it (after seeing it on
Linux).  I try to get them to use Linux, but they won't until Linux gets a good
non-linear movie editor.  (That's part of the reason I'm working on matterial:
http://matterial.sourceforge.net/ )  So they stay with Mac because of Final Cut.

If you set up a webpage, mailing list, or anything for it, let me know please.

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux

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