On 20 Jul, somnorici  wrote:

> I set the undo levels to zero and loaded an image. 9376 by 11488
> pixels grayscale is 107,711,488 bytes. My display depth is 16 bits. It
> didn't take long to link this with the swap file, which after
> loading the image was 292,421,632 bytes, plus the 32 megs of tile
> cache (it's on a 64 megs machine used for testing), it kinda equals
> three times the size of the image.

 The raw data are 105 MB without alphachannels, layers or something
 else. GIMP may be more efficient with memory, but I don't think
 it's such a big issue which would lead us to reconsider the memory
 management before our 1.2 release. 64 MB of main memory won't make
 you happy with that imagesizes anyway....



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