I guess another argument in favour of Docbook is peer pressure.  When
making the rounds around the documentation sites, I found that at the
recent Open Source Documentation Summit, the Gnome Documentation
Project, Linux Documentation Project, and FreeBSD folks have all agreed
to use DocBook (in its XML flavour).  With that kind of support
behind docbook and its tools, it may be silly to use anything less[4].

On this list, I've heard a chorus of "DocBook is good," along with a few
"I'm not sure but I'll learn it if I have to" remarks.  The
as-yet-hypothetical "might scare contributers" remark can be addressed
if we have people who are willing to do plaintext or html to docbook
conversions.  (Yes, I will do such conversions.)  I guess we're still
waiting to hear the Grand High Yoshman's words.

[Kevin checks the latest mail.  Now it seems we have a help template
file in HTML.  Okay.  Uh-oh, it's under a non .gimp.org domain, Sven
will frown about that.]

A few other pointers to resources:
The Open Source Writers Group serves as a pool of authors and editors
which we may dip in to if we need more hands:

Piers has tracked down an introduction to DocBook as provided by the
LDP's Author's Guide:

The "Definitative Guide to DocBook", a reference guide, may be found at

 - Kevin


1. Reports on the Open Source Documentation Summit:

2. Gnome Documentation Project (GDP):

3. Linux Documentation Project (LDP.  These are the "HOWTO" people.):

4. Unless you're the FSF, in which case you're committed to using
TeXinfo forever.

5. Its times like this that make me think maybe HTML e-mail isn't such a
bad idea after all.

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