A you may know if you have been following this list, there has
recently been much fervoured development of GIMP's help system.

The main source of discussion has been whether to keep plain HTML or
move to DocBook. After much deliberation, and extensive discussions on
IRC, we have decided to move to SGML DocBook 4.0.

We have drawn up a concept of how the new help system will be layed
out and work, and made a few sample files to show that it works. The
basic system will be, for the first time, a proper user manual which
explains such things as the concept behind layers, channels, etc. in
additonal to the current context help. We hope to get the first new
files into CVS over the next few days, although the old help system
will still remain for now.

The remaining issue is the license which the documentation will come
under. The main options are the FDL (Free Documentation License) or
OPL (Open Publication License) - see

If you have any further comments about the help system, please submit
them to this list so we can make any necessary changes.



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