Anton Enright wrote:
> I've got a GIMP precompiled binary tarball that is supposed
> to be installed in /opt
> Because I do not have root access to my machine I've installed
> it in /space/opt.
> Is there anyway to modify post-install the prefix directory that
> gimp looks for scripts plugins etc...

Check for paths in the 'gimprc' file under the directory where you
installed GIMP plus in the users area under the .gimp-1.1 directory.

In the main gimprc file there is a path called 'prefix' which is the main
one you need to modify. Changing the path should help but I do not
guarantee that this will make it fully operational but its worth a shot.

Alternatively, you could grab the source and compile it yourself. This
would allow you to specify any install path you liked.

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