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Subject: Re: Gimp to MacOS

> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Jason T. Slack wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > I am interested in doing a port of GTK+ and GIMP to MacOS.
> >
> > Has anybody started this?
> >
> > Should I go full speed ahead?
> Hi,
> I guess that Gtk+ and Gimp will run more or less automatically
> on MacOS X' BSD API once there is an X server, so there should
> be no need to "port" it.
> If you mean to port it to MacOS X' native windowing system, then
> it sould be mostly a matter of porting Gtk+. You should ask on
> the Gtk+ developer list if there are alrady efforts to port
> the upcoming version 2.0 to MacOS X.
> Porting them to the classic or carbon APIs may be not really
> fun because they lack stuff like processes and pipes.

Hi !

I have ported a big part of gtk+  to MacOS 9, it's on mac-gtk at
IT'S ALIVE ! ;-)
The GDK port is based on QuickDraw+WindowMgr, and Justin Armstrong has made
changes for carbon support.
Of course, on MacOS X, he uses a standard unix glib (I must use the GUSI
posix emulation on the classic MacOS which is not easy for the process

AND... I have a minimal version of Gimp running on MacOS 9 !
There are still a lot of bugs but at least I can paint some flowers with the
brush tool...

Currently I don't have much time for GTK because I am on holidays (far away
from my G4) so you should contact Justin for the MacOS X port.


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