This is the Print plugin for the Gimp, version 4.0a2.  This is the
second pre-release of the 4.0 stable release.  It is not 4.0.

This software also comes with a GhostScript driver.  The support for
printers in the GhostScript driver is identical to the support for
these printers in the Print plugin -- they use the identical code
base.  Please read Ghost/README for more information on this.

This plugin can be compiled against either Gimp 1.1 or 1.0.

Gimp-Print 4.0a2 contains the following improvements over Gimp-Print

1) A serious bug in the handling of landscape mode (in the plugin
   only) has been fixed.

2) A new 360 dpi softweave mode has been added to the Epson driver for
   the variable drop size printers, which should yield improved
   quality.  It is reasonably well tuned on the 870.

3) Improved tonal smoothness in highly saturated red, green, and blue.

4) The Ghostscript driver produces more useful error messages if
   incorrect parameters are supplied.

5) The top margin of the Epson Stylus Color 850 should be correct
   now.  The printer is not capable of printing to the top of the

6) Ink levels have been fine tuned (not necessarily correctly) for
   newer Epson printers.

7) Work around some inlining problems with egcs 1.1.2.


1) The PDQ and CUPS descriptor files are still not fixed.

2) While calibration should still be improved, there is doubtless much
   to go.

3) There have been sporadic reports of blank splotches or regions,
   apparently at the very darkest intensity.  This is not yet fully

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