I have been a busy bunny writing a transfer mini-thesis so that I can get
on with my PhD. However I should have a spare moment between writing to
handle some of these issues and write more help.

1. Yes, Gimp can't read 16-bit TGA files ATM, I have some samples and
the TGA specification so I'll look at that and Gimp will eventually
read such files. Thanks Mattias for your info.

2. We should be conservative and not wrap lines in TGA RLE, I will fix
this when I address the 16-bit limitation, the patch will be helpful
in understanding the adjustment, thanks.

3. It's not always reasonable to expect Gimp load performance to match
XV or ImageMagick or whatever else. I will look at the PCX code, but
please remember that I *rewrote* this code to be correct, presumably
the old version was MUCH faster, but it was *wrong*.


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