This is gimp-print version 4.1.0, the initial development on the 4.1 line.

This plugin can be compiled against either Gimp 1.1 or 1.0.  After 1.2
is released, we anticipate dropping support for Gimp 1.0 and older
versions of Gimp 1.1 (probably 1.20 and earlier, although that is not

Print 4.1.0 contains all fixes through the 4.0.4 release.  In
addition, it contains the following user-visible differences over
Print 4.0.4:

1) Greatly improved color quality in Photograph mode.  In particular,
   red, green, blue, and violet colors are much more accurate.  This
   is done by means of hue and luminosity adjustments based on input
   hue and saturation.  This only works in Photograph mode; Line Art
   and Solid Colors have not changed.

2) Preliminary support for the Lexmark Z52 inkjet printer.

3) Support for 2880x720 on Epson Stylus printers that support that
   resolution.  The visible quality difference will probably be little
   if any.

4) Fine black detail in color mode is greatly improved.

5) Many new resolutions have been added for Epson Stylus printers,
   mostly supporting better print quality at 180, 360, and 720 DPI.

6) There is preliminary support for 600x600 C-RET mode on the HP 840.

7) The foomatic package is not currently being distributed with
   gimp-print.  The main issue is synchronizing the foomatic database
   with the rapidly evolving state of gimp-print.  We have not
   determined yet whether it will be practical to continue
   distributing foomatic with gimp-print.

8) The PPD's generated as part of the native CUPS driver are
   incompatible with the PPD's in the 4.0 version of the native CUPS
   driver.  This requires reinstalling your printers after running
   'make install' in the cups subdirectory.

9) The defaults with the native CUPS driver are now identical to the
   defaults with the Ghostscript stp driver and the Gimp Print

10) Ordered dithering is now smoother on 6 color printers, at some
   loss of color fidelity.

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