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>> - ActiveState's Perl is built with MSVC. Its MakeMaker thus produces a
>>   Makefile for nmake, that uses cl to compile and link to link. Oh
>>   well, that is not so bad in itself, I have MSVC available at work,
>>   and, ehh, I might have a copy at home also.
>This is, of course, not solvable in any case. Changing the compiler means
>that all the autodetected stuff goes wrong. This also means that the
>compiler used to build gtk+, gimp, gtk-perl and gimp-perl must be the
>same. We have a lot of problems with this (obvious for me but not others
>it seems), e.g. on IRIX where the preinstalled perl is compiled with the
>commercial sgi compiler but most people only have access to gcc (which is
>not compatible).
At least the win32 "C" compilers are exchangeable quite well (even gcc has
learned to use -fnative-struct). Though there probably will arise problems
with different posix emulations. Mixing allocators between binaries from
different compiler (c-runtimes) does no good as well ...

The common case to build gtk+, etc. on win32 are hand-written makefiles.

>>   #defines and stuff to hide the GLib versions. Unfortunately there
>>   are lots of those .xs files that need to have the same stuff
>>   inserted. Oh well, just manual work.
>The better option IMHO would be to make glib (source available!)
>compilable against perl, as a compatibility measure on win32. I am not
>sure qwether sources for activestate's port are available and even if, it
>requires a non-free compiler.
Although Perl may rule the world, I would rather appreciate to not make
glib and all Perl compatible, but go the other way around, if any.

>> [...]
>> Maybe it would be better to use a Perl running on cygwin? That would
>> help a couple of the issues above.
>Certainly. Also not concentrating on gtk-perl but instead on gimp-perl
>would also help.
But wouldn't gimp-perl without gtk-perl loose most of it's charme ?

>> [...]
>OTOH, the main gimp makefile also uses test and a lot of unix-things. Is
>gimp not build using autoconf on win32?
Nope. See above.

>> and make sure I am not duplicating somebody else's work in progress,
>> and to ask if he has done any more work on Gtk-Perl since 0.6123. (This
>There was, however, I am quite sure nobody ever tried to port it to
>win32. At least not to a non-unix-like target (mingw32 or msvc).
I have tried, but it's so long ago, that I would need to search my 
backups to see what problems finally stopped it. If I recall correctly:
I got that far, that the main problem was a crashing MSVC compiler. 

At that point I decide to port pygtk and pygimp instead. BTW: They are 
available at

>> (I am not promising that I will hack any more on Gtk-Perl on Win32
>> anytime soon...)
> [...]

At the moment the most promising approach appears to write a generic
perl to python translator :-)

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