A potential patch for the histogram tool in 1.2.x (assuming we do plan
to release e.g. file handle leak fix as a 1.2.1) has been uploaded
as gimp-ruth-010109-0.patch.gz

This patch addresses several problems I found in the 1.2.0 release tool,
Sven and I discussed some of this already, but the following are covered:

1. Don't say "Blue" when you're displaying "Value" etc.
2. Give accurate stats FOR THE SELECTED CHANNEL, not for Value
3. Try to survive stuff changing underneath us
4.  # of pixels is a (large) integer => %1.f not %8.1f in display

I may have forgotten some minor things. 1.3.x could get a version of
this patch (I'll do the work directly in CVS some time) but it would
be better if more serious architectural work was accepted IMHO.

Please look at this for 1.2.1, yosh seems enthusiastic about this weekend
and I'd like this to go in. If anyone finds any problems obviously it
will have to wait for 1.2.2 or so, but please bang on it now!


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