On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> On  9 Jan, Christopher Curtis wrote:
>  They do; if we started now to switch over to deltas then quite a few
>  people would complain about that. I definitely see the point, I'm behind a
>  very narrow pipe as well so I prefer patches, too, but what is even more
>  comfortable than patches is CVS, because they don't suffer from the problems
>  patches do and are much easier to get and more complicated to mess up the source.

This is not true for everybody.  For example, I usually access the
Internet from work and I use a laptop, ZIP, CD-R or floppies to
transfer files to my PC at home.  A firewall prevents me from
accessing anything that does not use FTP, HTTP or SMTP.  This means
that I can easily download patches and bring them home, but I cannot
use CVS.

Note that the absence of binary files in the patch files can also be
considered as a feature for the weakly-connected users: the patches
are much smaller because they do not contain the latest splash screen
or brushes that is included in every new version.  This saves half a
megabyte for every download.

> > I don't see a public rsync server for gimp, cvs or otherwise.  Perhaps
> > this might be an acceptable option for people with modest bandwidth
> > capabilities.
>  There are anonymous CVS servers for the GIMP.

Two days ago, I installed a new modem on my home PC because I thought
that after having spent several years working with semi-obsolete
released versions of the source code, I should get the bleeding edge
and use CVS from home (no firewall problems).  So I tried to get the
latest gimp from the anonymous CVS server(s).

Unfortunately, none of the three addresses mentioned for anoncvs
allowed me to get any files.  One of them failed because of a server
configuration problem, another one could be reached but did not
respond, and the last one was apparently offline because it could not
be reached at all (no ping).  I hope that the situation is better for
the non-anonymous CVS server.  I would be glad if anyone could give
me the IP address of an anonymous GNOME CVS mirror that works
reasonably well for European users.


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