I have a perl script using the Gimp module which I am using to
generate images on the fly.  Currently I am hardcoding the names of
fonts into a list in the script (or allowing them to be passed as
arguments).  I run up the Gimp, run a script-fu with a font selector
(say one of the logo generators), and then select a font and copy out
the font descriptor string.

I've been doing some digging through the procedural database, and then
went through the mailing list archives, did google and deja searches,
but haven't turned up a way to query the list of installed fonts from
a script (and in particular a perl script).

I'm currently at gimp version 1.1.29 but am more than willing to
upgrade if such a feature has been added in later releases (I'll
upgrade to the latest soon anyway).

Is there a function call I'm missing that can return a list of the
installed fonts (preferably in the '-*-*-*-*-*-...' format)? 

  Rick Bradley                  http://www.eastcore.net

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