I've run into a problem with gauss_rle and perl-called script-fu's in
Gimp 1.1.29.


 - I'm calling some of the various logo script-fu's using the perl
Gimp interface

 - On those script-fu's which internally use gauss_rle I get the
following error in the server output log:

979272234: server version 1.201 started, authorization required
979272234: accepting connections on port 10009
979272240: accepted tcp connection from
gimp: gauss_rle: cannot operate on indexed color images

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

gimp: GimpCore.pl: file_png_save: procedural database execution failed at 
/home/httpd/corengine/php/perl/GimpCore.pl line 138 (ERROR)
979272242: closing connection 12 (27 requests in 2 seconds)

In that specific instance I was calling script_fu_chalk_logo()
(another culprit is script_fu_bovinated_logo()).

 - I can run the script-fu's in question interactively with no problems.

 - I can also run other (similar but without internal calls to
gauss_rle) script-fu's from perl with no problems (e.g.,
script_fu_basic1_logo, script_fu_chrome_logo).

Looking at the scheme source for these two particular fu's the images
being created and manipulated (as well as all layers created) are RGBA
and not any sort of indexed.

It seems like gauss_rle is either mistaken about the type of image it
receives, the perl interface is not creating images of the proper
type, or there's some hoodoo/voodoo loose under the hood.

I didn't see anything in the bug archive that looked like a bug report
on this, nor anything in the gimp-perl or gimp-developer archives that
looked like it might apply.

Any suggestions?

  Rick Bradley                  http://www.roundeye.net

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