> However, you can calibrate your card/monitor combination and tell your
> X-server about it, after which applications can query all neceessary
> parameters (and do calulcations) with Xcms. Gimp does not
> implement this
> yet.

        Well the calibration part is certainly a bit tricky, but beyond that the
conversions seem a fairly straightforward thing to do. Not to mention
something that is really necessary for any serious graphics work.

> Hmm, how is this "added" gamma adjustment different to the gamma
> adjustment in 3.x? ;)

        Assumption based on the fact that xgamma is only present on the box I
upgraded to 4.0 ... reminded of an old Benny Hill sketch somehow.

> You can set them using properties on the root window, which Xcms
> uses. Look for Xcms and XDCCC.

        Looking at Xcms manpages, I'm not entirely clear on what it's goal in life
is. It seems to lack any mechanism for converting arbitrary rgb data like a
pixmap. Then again the X apis give me hives, so I'm probably missing
something. Color space conversion of indivdual colors seems somewhat less
then earth-shattering.

> >     That is, is it possible to do anything meaningful with
> ICCs under X?
> Poissible, yes, but not in practice (I don't know of any programs that
> evaluate icc profiles, and no useful program that evaluates these).

        Windows? Photoshop ;) I don't know what the focus of the gimp is, but color
calibration would really be a nice addition. Certainly falls on the good
side of cost / benefit. It would be cool to be able to take the TTF approach
and just grab an ICC for a display from windows and plug it into the gimp, t
least in the absence of color calibration tools for X

        I wonder what the impact would be on performance, ignoring Xcms stuff, to
do a 3x3 matrix transform on every pixel before displaying it. With luts I
guess this amounts to three look ups and two adds per component per pixel,
or something like that, which seems pretty cheap.


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