Well, she reinstalled everything, then replaced gimp.exe with gimp.exe
before running it the first time and poof, it works. Perhaps something
to put on the download page, prevent people from trying it out while the
second file is downloading, apparently this doesn't work.


Lourens Veen wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently got a friend of mine to try Gimp for Windows (she doesn't
> have Linux yet, but wants to try that as well :). She installed the file
> from gimp.org/win32, and then replaced gimp.exe with the new gimp.exe
> from the update. However, upon starting gimp (which worked ok at first)
> she now gets the following sequence of screens:
> http://nova.student.utwente.nl/gimp/pagina1.jpg
> http://nova.student.utwente.nl/gimp/pagina2.jpg
> http://nova.student.utwente.nl/gimp/pagina3.jpg
> Any ideas?
> Lourens

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