Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It seems as though it should be possible to use Gimp with two mice (or
> similar devices) to some advantage, using them to control different
> tools, using different settings.
> With AlwaysCore and the Xinput extended devices disabled (probably a
> common setup) you get what you'd expect - more physical devices
> sharing the same physical pointer and Gimp tools. Of course, this
> isn't really using two mice effectively.
> However with the extended device enabled, Gimp's behaviour (or is
> this GTK+ / XFree behaviour?) breaks down. Gimp can no longer properly
> detect the core cursor (you can't draw with it) and the additional
> mouse seems to always generate mouse down events at the origin,
> making it quite unusable.
> I started investigating this before, but didn't have a permanent setup
> where I could reproduce it. Now I do, so if anyone has any pointers
> or advice I'd appreciate it.

Hm, I cannot say anything about two mice but I can confirm that generating
events with two input devices works fine in the gdisp_shell.

Although I write with my left hand, i'm used to have the mouse right
of the keyboard, so my left hand is free for the tablet :)

I have the mouse configured to generate core events and my wacom
tablet _not_ generating core events and set to "window" mode.

hope this helps a bit...


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