Austin Donnelly wrote:
> On Sunday, 4 Feb 2001, Roel Schroeven wrote:
> > I noticed in the source code that the histogram widget uses a logarithmic
> > scaling. Is there a reason to do it that way, as Photoshop et al. seem to
> > use a linear scaling.
> I just checked the CVS history; we've been using a log y axis (ie
> pixel count) ever since the histogram widget was writen.  Jay Cox
> checked in the initial rev (including log scale) in March 1999.
> I've played around a bit with gimp looked at some web-based tutorials
> for histogram use in photoshop, and while I agree that gimp's log axis
> graphs don't look very similar to photoshop's, I don't think photoshop
> just uses raw counts.  They also scale their data, but a little less
> aggressively than by a log scale.
> Austin

Actually the log histogram was around before I ever heard of gimp.  I merely
converted the existing histogram display into a real widget.  I expect that
the log scale on histograms dates from the days of Spencer and Peter.

Linear, Log, and sqrt are all common ways to scale histograms for display.
Perhaps we should make it an option in preferences (or in the histogram 
display itself).

Jay Cox

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