Regarding the previous email, it seems some tools call the brush paint
function with either SOFT or PRESSURE depending on the value of a boolean
variable.  I'm not quite sure what's the difference between the two,
however, it looks like it might be better to add a boolean parameter to
the paint_core_get_brush_mask function instead of adding a TEXTURE option
to BrushApplicationHardness.  That way, a get_brush_mask call can use any 
of the operations and also optionally apply the current texture to the

Here's the changes made to supply a textures directory.  The tiles are
available at:


 patterndata=`ls -1 $srcdir/data/patterns | grep -v Makefile`
+texturedata=`ls -1 $srcdir/data/textures | grep -v Makefile`

 patterndata=`echo $patterndata`
+texturedata=`echo $texturedata`



For data/

-SUBDIRS = brushes gradients palettes patterns
+SUBDIRS = brushes gradients palettes patterns textures


For data/brushes, data/gradients, data/palettes, data/patterns:

 patterndata =
+texturedata =
New data/textures/

texturedatadir = $(gimpdatadir)/textures

brushdata =
gradientdata =
palettedata =
patterndata =
texturedata =

texturedata_DATA = @texturedata@

EXTRA_DIST = $(texturedata_DATA)

.PHONY: files

        cloth.pat               \
        heavy_paper.pat         \
        light_paper.pat         \
        medium_paper.pat        \

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