Since the GIMP/GNOME bug database has moved to, the
administrative options have changed.  On the old, it
was possible for me to change the status of some bugs easily, but now
I cannot change the status, affected OS, priority and other features
of the bugs.

I have been through the list of GIMP bugs and I know that some of them
could be changed from UNCONFIRMED to NEW or NEEDSINFO.  I also spotted
several of them that could be set to "All OSes" instead of "Linux".
Or some suggestions for enhancements (including some that I originally
reported) that could be set to "Low" priority.  I would like to help
and keep the bug database up-to-date, but unfortunately Bugzilla does
not let me change these options.

Since the Bugzilla home page does not mention any contact address, I
am sending this slightly off-topic request to this list.  If anyone
know who to ask, please tell me.  Thanks.


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