Hi all,

I have reproduced this in the 1.3 branch - I think it may be in 
1.2 as well but I haven't checked.

Basically some of the preview update routines can crash on 
images with unusual ratios - I haven't entered a bug against 
this because I was having a look at it, and I wanted to run it 
through here first.

To reproduce, create a new image of dimension 1024x32, and try 
to run the coffee stain scriptfu on it 
(Script-fu->Decor->Coffeestain). the GIMP should crash with a 
seg fault, and a Gimp-CRITICAL message to the effect that in 
gimp_viewable_get_preview the assertion height>0 failed. This 
can be tracked back to gimp_image_get_new_preview(), which gets 
height and width from each layer, and multiplies them by a 
ratio. These values is computed at line 4051/4052 of 
gimpimage.c. They can end up being less than 1, resulting in the 
height/width being calculated as 0.

Sorry if this report/mail is a bit vague. To be honest I'm not 
quite sure what the height & width variables actually refer to 
here - can other people reproduce this? If so, is it a bona fide 

This is on Linux, 2.2.x kernel, X running at 1024x768 :)


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