On 08 Feb 2001 10:53:34 +0100, Marco Lamberto wrote:
> On 8 Feb 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:
> >If you think this release containes some important bugfixes with
> >respect to the version we ship with gimp-1.2, please send us a
> >patch, so we can integrate your changes into the 1-2 branch.
> Well there are no bug fixed, I've mainly merged the CVS stuff.
> However the most important think for this version (and the previous 1.5.3) 
> is that now avoids renaming any modified layer into "GDynText Layer".
> This was a quite noisy behaviour.

Btw, does it now remember the font weight attribute? I have been using
gimp-freetype lately, but I remember having to change the font bold
every time I ran gdyntext on a dyntext layer. At least my CVS gimp has
this bug still.

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