Hello world!

I have to resolve a problem:
when I start my plug-in for GIMP 1.2.0
I must capture dimensions of selection
and create new layer with that and in same position.
I used:
gimp_drawable_mask_bounds(drawable->id, &x1_sel, &y1_sel, &x2_sel, &y2_sel);
gimp_selection_bounds(g_image, &x1_sel, &y1_sel, &x2_sel, &y2_sel);

But if user, which defined selection keep out from image with pointer, then
y1_sel is negative, GIMP set y1_sel = 0 and add to y2_sel absolute(y1_sel).
dimension of selection is right (maybe???) but offset is wrong.
(attach small image for more information)

Is it a BUG or I need cure because this is a stupid problem?

Thanks all for patience and help.


P.S. I'm very sorry for my bad english.

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