Hi all.

I'm looking at fixing bug #22567 (bugzilla number). Scaling an 
image and undoing it when the image has pretty extreme 
dimensions causes problems - and it's shown up something in 
gdisplay_shrink_wrap which is the source of the problem - I was 
just wondering if you guys could put me straight on whether this 
behaviour is ever acceptable.

For a given display gdisp, you're getting (after a change in 
size of the image) gdisp->gimage->height > 
gdisp->gdisp->disp_height which is causing problems with 
shrink_wrap wqhen it tries to set borders less than zero, and 
sometimes to such an extent that gdisp->gimage->width + 
gdisp->shell_width - gdisp->disp_width < 0 , resulting in 
gtk_allocate_image being called with a large unsigned value, 
rather than a reasoable one.

I think I have an idea what's hapenning, but I just wanted to 
clear up what each of these actually mean, and what kind of 
relationships are always true (or should always be true) in 
relation to them. 

Thanks a lot,

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