I was wondering what if any work is being done on the layers.  I've been
reading the GEGL documentation and see all the things planned with the
different Objects that patch together in new ways and not just the old
stack of 2D layers but, nested, rich relationships, etc.

That's like at least 1.5 - 2 years off. (MicroGimp is extremely
interesting--a lightweight version of the gimp for testing purposes with a
limited set of tools implimented.  Limited tools, means limited memory
footprint.  Fire it up when you want to crop or just resize, color correct
but, don't need all the features)

Anyways, all that is far off.  I was wondering you could just have nested
layers in this next version of Gimp.  It doesn't even have to have all the
strange but, cool stuff that tigert was talking about but, even just being
able to organize your layers and having the ability to group them
hierachially and turn a group's visiblity on and off, and being able to
move a layer from one group to the next, etc.

Also something considerablly useful is the ablity to to have a purely
masking layer and every layer below that layer in that group is masked. 
This then would be something that could be turned on and off like a layer.
 This would be hugely useful while not quite as blue sky as some of the
other GEGL, Gimp 2.0 type things that are planned.

Aim low but, keep your eye in the sky.

On a side note, is there any work being done on the layers dialog?

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