On Friday, 16 Feb 101, Miles O'Neal wrote:

> Robert L Krawitz said...
> |
> |Under what circumstances is RUN_WITH_LAST_VALUES intended to be used?
> |Is it something I should be particularly concerned with in the print
> |plugin, or would dropping it be reasonable?
> It's for when you want to rerun a plugin withoout having to mess
> with the values.  For instance, Filter -> repeat last.
> Does it make sense for printing>   I don't know.  Where's the
> printing equivalent of Gilter->Repeat Last ?

Its just that: Filter->Repeat Last.  If the last thing you did was
print, then it prints again.

I've been meaning to find a way to update the menu item to include the
filter name so you can get a better idea what will happen, eg:

Filter->Repeat Last (blur IIR)

or something.


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