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Best regards, Andrea

> On 07 Apr 2019, at 21:21, Michael Natterer <mi...@gimp.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> We just released GIMP 2.10.10, the fifth bugfix release in
> the stable 2.10 series.
> As announced before, stable GIMP 2.10.x is open for new
> features that are not too invasive or change the API,
> and we got some good new stuff for you this time, too.
> For a complete list of changes since 2.10.8 please see the
> "Changes" section below.
> There is also a release announcement on www.gimp.org:
> https://www.gimp.org/news/2019/04/07/gimp-2-10-10-released/
> Happy GIMPing,
> --Mitch
> Download
> ========
>  GIMP 2.10.10 is available from:
>  https://download.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v2.10/
>  and from the mirrors listed at:
>  https://www.gimp.org/downloads/devel/#mirrors
>  The sha256 and sha512 checksums of the tarball are:
> 12d1f243265c7aee1f2c6e97883a5c90ddc0b19b4346cf822e24adbb6c998c77  gimp-
> 2.10.10.tar.bz2
> 87caab9643a018e741e5e51c61220b7b282a66ed5bb723750cdf4139950f98c9ab246f4
> d6450420531d0e878c4561150efc4063cda896f08b25669bac4d1d172  gimp-
> 2.10.10.tar.bz2
> Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.10.8 to GIMP 2.10.10
> ====================================================
> Core:
>  - Add gimp-scratch allocator, a fast memory allocator (on the order
>    of magnitude of alloca()), suitable for small (up to a few 
>    megabytes), short-lived (usually, bound to the current stack-
>    frame) allocations.
>    Unlike alloca(), gimp-scratch doesn't use the stack, and is 
>    therefore safer, and will also serve bigger requests, by falling-
>    back to malloc().
>  - In gimp_drawable_transform_buffer_affine(), avoid modifying the
>    clipping mode when transforming layer masks, since this function
>    is used (among other things) to transform layer masks together with
>    their layer, in which case they should use the same clipping mode
>    as the layer. This fixes a regression introduced by commit  
>    2ae823ba, causing layer masks to be transformed with a mismatched 
>    clipping mode during layer transforms, leading to discrepencies 
>    between the transformed layer and the transformed mask.
>  - Moved swap/cache and temporary files out the GIMP user config dir 
>    and added new config file substitutions ${gimp_cache_dir} and
>    ${gimp_temp_dir}.
>  - Pass the GEGL tile-cache size, swap path, and thread-count to plug-
>    ins as part of their config, and have libgimp set the plug-in's 
>    GeglConfig accordingly upon initialization.
>  - Layer groups are now rendered in bigger chunks rather than tile-by-
>    tile (which used to pretty much eliminate multithreading for 
>    groups), which improves the rendering speed.
>  - Make saving/exporting files more robust to errors. In particular if
>    an error occurs during the process (be it a bug, a memory error, or
>    anything else), GIMP won't overwrite anymore any existing file with
>    incomplete contents, so that you won't end up with no valid files 
>    at all.
>  - Fix a regression on support of various graphics tablet.
>  - Remove the "Edit -> Fade..." feature: it makes GIMP use two buffers
>    instead of one (east into system resources), it's broken in 2.10, 
>    and we can make the UX better for filters.
>  - New generic canvas modifier 'Alt + middle click' allowing to pick
>    layers by clicking on pixels. The available layers will be looped
>    through (starting from the upper one) while Alt key is hold and the
>    picked layer name will be temporarily displayed in the status bar.
>  - When clearing a channel, do nothing if the channel is already 
>    empty; otherwise, align the cleared rectangle to the channel 
>    buffer's tile grid, so that all affected tiles are dropped, rather 
>    than zeroed.
>    Furthermore, only update the affected region of the channel.
>  - Brush and pattern saving logics has been moved to core code 
>    (instead of plug-in).
>  - Clipboard brushes and pattern can now be duplicated.
>  - Parametric brushes are now 32-bit float to avoid posterization on
>    large brushes.
>    Note: raster brushes are still 8-bit and plug-ins only have access
>    to 8-bit versions of high-precision brushes/patterns. New API will
>    be required to handle high-precision data.
>  - On-canvas preview while editing a color in the colormap of an
>    indexed image.
> User interface:
>  - Enabled HiDPI/Retina support for the GTK2/OSX build, fixes blurry 
>    icons. 
>  - Add a tooltip to the "better compression" checkbox in save dialog 
>    to make it clearer it does not mean that the file size is 
>    necessarily smaller in every cases. In particular some best/worst 
>    case are possible when an algorithm less efficient in general may 
>    end up better on a particular image.
>  - Add basic support for cursors with a scale factor of 2 for HiDPI
>    (artwork to be updated).
>  - Foreground and background color icons, as well as color history 
>    will now display out-of-gamut warning on indexed images for colors
>    outside of the palette, as well as on grayscale images, for non- 
>    gray colors.
>  - Pack color picker and hexadecimal entry on same line in Color dock.
>  - Add an "Open as Image" button to the brushes dialog.
> Usability:
>  - Attempting to transform locked layers or paint on them now results 
>    in blinking around the status bar (where the warning message is 
>    displayed) and around the toolbar where lock toggles are. The same 
>    applies to attempting to move a selection where there is none — 
>    GIMP will blink around the toolbar where the moving target (layer,
>    selection, path) is chosen.
>  - GIMP now allows selecting default export file type for new 
>    projects.
>    The choice is limited to PNG, JPEG, WebP, PSD, ORA, TIFF, BMP.
>  - GimpSpinScale widget now has an optional feature to constrain the
>    value to integer when dragging with a pointer (even if the scale
>    allows for fractional numbers), set with new function
>    gimp_spin_scale_set_constrain_drag().
>    This is useful for settings where fractional numbers are 
>    technically possible, yet most common use case are with integers 
>    (such as pixel sizes, angles in degrees, etc.) so you want the 
>    easy interface to be constrained. Fractional numbers are still 
>    settable, for instance by keyboard edit; and arrow incrementation 
>    won't drop fraction parts. This is currently only activated for 
>    brush options in paint tools.
> Tools:
>  - In scale tool, scale around center even when using numeric input.
>  - New algorithm in the Bucket Fill tool when selecting the affected
>    area "Fill by line art detection", based off the G'Mic algorithm 
>    for "smart colorization":
>    https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01891876
>    In a few words, it identifies painted pixels (either based on
>    grayscale or opacity values) and tries to close line arts to allow
>    filling even with not perfectly closed zones; the second step of 
>    the algorithm will flood the colors under line art pixels to 
>    prevent "holes" in the filling.
>    It is possible to control a max size (in pixels) for the flooding,
>    as well as max length of closing segments and splines.
>  - The Bucket Fill tool got new interaction allowing to hold the click
>    and move the mouse to fill based on several seed zones (for "Fill
>    by line art detection" as well as "Fill similar colors"). You can
>    now cancel the fill in progress with right click as in other tools.
>  - The Bucket Fill tool now allows color picking with ctrl-click, same
>    as every painting tool. It will pick either the foreground or
>    background color depending on the selected Fill Type. The ctrl-alt
>    modifier combination is also possible to pick the non-Fill Type
>    color.
>  - In the Bucket Fill tool, the Alt modifier will now switch to
>    "FG color fill" when "Pattern fill" was set (instead of doing
>    nothing).
>  - In the Unified Transform tool, default to preserving aspect ratio
>    when scaling up or down.
>  - In the Healing tool, "Sample merged" now also work for the target
>    pixels, allowing to draw in empty layers.
>  - Selection by color is now parallelized, hence improving speed of 
>    the Select by Color tool (and any other processing which may share 
>    this piece of code now or in the future).
>  - Add "Constrain handles" and "Around center" options to the
>    perspective-transform tool's GUI, which are similar to the
>    corresponding options of the unified-transform tool.
>  - Improve color picking on indexed image to always select an indexed
>    color corresponding to the picked pixel in the colormap.
> Plug-ins:
>  - file-pdf-save GUI now clearly indicates the order the layers will 
>    be used to make multi-page PDFs.
>  - Add DDS loading/exporting plug-in originally developed by Shawn 
>    Kirst and Arne Reuter.
>  - Rename the Guillotine plug-in to Slice Using Guides.
>  - Add a new option saving a color profile when exporting PNG, JPEG, 
>    TIFF. Always save it when exporting to PSD.
>  - Remove the "Advanced" expanders from the PNG and TIFF export 
>    dialogs.
>  - Full rewrite of the Spyrogimp plug-in with much more options and
>    better interaction.
>  - Indexed TIFF with alpha channel now supported.
> Filters:
>  - Add on-canvas GUI (simple lines) for circular, linear, and zoom 
>    motion blur.
> Help:
>  - Link to the bugtracker directly from the Help menu, also link to 
>    the wiki and the roadmap. Remove the link to currently disabled
>    registry.gimp.org.
> Installers:
>  - Windows: proper fix for libthai to stop GIMP from crashing in the
>    Thai locale. 
> Translations:
>  - Czech, Danish, French, Italian, Japanese, Marathi, Polish, Russian,
>    Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.
> Build:
>  - Bumping GTK+ dependency to the micro update GTK+ 2.24.32 to handle
>    several bugs on Windows (broken shortcuts on non-latin layouts and
>    broken vector icons).
> Contributors:
> =============
>  Alex Samorukov, Alexandre Prokoudine, Elad Shahar, Ell, Félix
>  Piédallu, Harald H, Jehan, Jernej Simončič, Kevin Stoffler, Massimo
>  Valentini, Michael Natterer, ONO Yoshio, Oleksii Samorukov, Richard
>  McLean, Salamandar, Skal, Veerasamy Sevagen, gaaned92, lillolollo,
>  oschlueter, sabri ünal, Øyvind Kolås.
> Translators:
> ============
>  Adam Ostruszka, Alan Mortensen, Alexandre Franke, Alexandre
>  Prokoudine, Anders Jonsson, Asier Sarasua Garmendia, Balázs Meskó,
>  Balázs Úr, Bruce Cowan, Christian Kirbach, Claude Paroz, Daniel
>  Korostil, Daniel Mustieles, Dimitris Spingos, Elad Shahar, Ell,
>  Jehan, Marco Ciampa, Martin Srebotnjak, Michael Natterer, Nathan
>  Follens, Piotr Drąg, Rodrigo Lledó, Ryuta Fujii, Rūdolfs Mazurs,
>  Sabri Ünal, Sangdo Jun, Snehalata B Shirude, Sveinn í Felli, Tim
>  Sabsch.
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