As you might know, I am providing since quite some time a Linux AppImage 
package for GIMP, both for stable releases and development snapshots.
So far, the AppImages have been shipped in two versions, one only containing 
the GIMP application, and another one also containing several popular plug-ins.

While this worked, the approach had few major drawbacks:
* the size of the package with plug-ins is obviously larger than the one without
* there was no way to decouple the versions of the various plug-ins and the one 
of the GIMP application

Recently I have managed to decouple the GIMP plug-ins from the main AppImage, 
and provide them as separate packages.

The separate plug-ins are now available from this release page: 
In the same release page you will also find macOS packages that are compatible 
with the official GIMP DMG.

In order to use the AppImage plug-ins, you will need to grab the most recent 
GIMP AppImage packages: 
* a recent development snapshot like
 (or newer).

The installation of the plugins is very simple:
* download the corresponding AppImage
* make it executable with `chmod +x`
* run it

This will automatically copy the required files into


and the GIMP AppImage should correctly find them the next time it is launched.

The plug-ins are updated on a daily basis, so I suggest you to bookmark the 
release page and visit it frequently in order to get the new updates, 
especially for the G'MIC package!

All this is very recent, so I cannot guarantee it will work 100% OK for all of 
In case of problems, please report them through the GitHub issue tracker:

I hope you will find this helpful!

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