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Am Dienstag, 28. Mai 2019, 13:30:08 CEST schrieb Simon Budig:


One thing which came up though (and which we already have discussed in
the past IIRC) is the need for a better support for multiple documents
in single window mode. The software they're using currently is using a
classic Windows Multiple Documents Interface (MDI) and they do in fact
make use of it. I tried to explain why I personally consider GIMPs
multiple window interface as quite good, but the not-so-great support
for multiple desktops in windows (and the bad window management) made
this a tough point to sell...  :)

I see two options here and I think we've been discussing these in the
  a) create multiple side-by-side image views within the single window
     mode. We could allow for tiling the image area into multiple
     notebooks, each containing its own set of images, allowing for
     Drag'n'Drop between them etc. ppp. My gut feeling is that this
     should be quite doable. It might be a bit tricky to control the
keyboard focus there and to make it clear to the user, which of the
     images will be affected by the next keystroke.

  b) (not necessary XOR) it might be feasible to allow for a kind of
     hybrid single/multiple window mode, where one can drag out
notebook-tabs into their own image view that then is managed by the window manager. So we would have one dedicated main window containing the toolbox and the notebook-area with image views as well as separate
     windows containing image views (or a notebook of image views?).

What about this:

The tabs in single image mode are not just for one image each but contain "workspaces". By default an image is opened in a new workspace containing a single image, so it's the same we currently have. It would however be possible to split the image area to show more than one image or view. I somewhat like the quick and easy way that's done in blender, however, one would need to think about what to do when the last view of an image is closed. That way each
tab could contain a arbitrarily complex setup of image views with the
toolboxen staying the same for all of them. Having rip-off windows might be nice, but I personally don't feel the need, and having both a single image
window mixed with some floating windows might be confusing.

How we handle images in single window mode is anyway a real pain to me. Splitting a single tab to show several views of the same image or even different images is indeed a great idea. But also we should be able to detach image tabs (which is what you call rip-off windows, I guess?) into their own windows (same as we can detach dockables even when in single window mode). I personally don't believe this to be confusing. I mean detaching tabs is a common feature in many software (like web browsers!), and it allows to do much more than being limited by what the program will allow you. First of all, if you have several screens, you can leave some images on one screen (say your reference images) and others on another screen (the image(s) you are working on for instance). And more usage (you are then only limited by your window manager).

In other words, we should stop with the whole single vs multi window mode nonsense. We should simply have a single mode allowing all possibilities (attaching or detaching images, dockables, toolbox, etc.).

This is something which have been on my TODO-list for years, and I am never able to make the time to do this. I would support anyone wishing to work in such directions. :-)

I'm also CC'ing the gui list as that seems to be a better place for this part
of the discussion.

By the way, maybe you want to subscribe to the gui list. I had to manually approve this email. :-)





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