I've thought useful to make an simultaneous comparison of the Cage Tool on
Gimp 2.9 (commit ef08e69) and Krita 2.9. The version of Gimp 2.9 devel
unstable is version - commit ef08e69 and Krita the 2.9.0 - ubuntu gnome
14.04.2 | Intel(R) Core(tm)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz × 4 | 8Gb Memory | Gallium
0.4 on AMD CAICOS with xorg-driver

I think that the *handles* and *n-handles* transformation an good way to
transform... but the *Cage tool* is a way to resolve many situations...
perhaps mixed with the new transform tools, currently in progress on
*Playground* Stage.

The Cage tool for me is a kind swiss-knife... the current version would be
better with a rotation feature on the area of selected handles.

On the video is possible to see how to works on Krita and how is a bit
difficult to resolve the same task on Gimp with the current selected
I've noted also that the handles on Handle and n-handles transformations is
a bit difficult to control the single handle... some times the handle is
very sensitive and makes the transformation out control.

On the Krita Warp transformation the handle have an arm extensible to
control the deformation, very interesting way to control the accuracy of


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