On 03/20/2015 03:40 PM, SEDA AYDIN wrote:

> Dear Authoried,


> I’m working in Şişecam IT department as technology development
> specialist. We have to learn some detail before installation approval
> for Gimp software. If you you are not related person, can you direct it
> to related person?

you have reached a mailing list, so this will be available to everyone
who is interested.

Now let's see...

> 1) How the program will be established (CD, *.iso, *.exe, URL etc.)?

Depends on the platform - the choices imply that you are using a
Microsoft Windows platform, so *.exe is probably what you want. The
downloads are at http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

> 2) The program runs on the server? Or just making installation on the
> client PC is enough?

GIMP can certainly run on a server, but the usual installation method is
on client PCs.

> 3) What are the requirement for the program will be
> installed in server and / or PC? (for example: Internet Explorer
> version must be xxx, for opening documents Foxit / Acrobat Reader
> version must be xxx,  * .iso / *. Exe file as the file to open the
> installation will be required as prerequisites Is there a tool or
> software, if the installation will make with * .iso / *. exe file do
> we need extra tool or software as prerequisites, etc.)?

I can't think of any special requirements here.

> 4) How will licensing? User-based licensing or? Which has been
> received as the number of licenses such simultaneous use? For
> example: 4 given license, a person who will use as 5th person,
> somebody have to be close the program?

This is easy - GIMP is licensed under the GNU GPL, and this license puts
no restrictions on usage: https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

Note that you can be required to pay attention to its terms regarding
distribution, see

> 5) Can the program be installed by a normal user? Or need to give
> admin rights?

No, a normal user can't install the program- the installers available
from http://www.gimp.org require admin rights (again, assuming this is
about a Windows platform)

> 6) Did the program run with admin rights?

It doesn't admin right to be run, but it can be run with admin rights
(no sure if I get that questions correctly).

> 7) İs there any problem for running with McAfee?

None that we know of.

> 8) İs there any particular security needs (will software need given
> special permission on pc firewall, corporate firewall, proxy etc.)
> for during usage or making license activation or update?

Not really - you might want to make sue that the online help is
accessible unless you plan to install that locally, but that is just
HTTP on standard ports.

> 9) How we can update ( from internet, will you make it, etc.) the software?

The usual method is to download from http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

> 10) In order to run the software, do we need to install additional tool or 
> software?


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