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> On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 4:16 PM, Joseph Bupe wrote:
> > The create a new layer button in the layers tab always pops up a dialog
> > box. Like the bucket fill tool, I wonder how many use this pop-up dialog
> to
> > determine whether the layer should be bg, fg colour filled or
> transparent.
> Well, I do.
> > IMO, the new layer button should just create a new transparent layer. The
> > dialog window should be optional.
> Or you can create a transparent layer once and Shift+click the button
> the next time. It's in the tooltip even :)
> Alex

I already know about the Shift + Click key combination. But, why can't we
do it the photoshop way? It's a straight forward thing to open a new layer
without pop-up.

I also think certain usability issues in Gimp should be voted upon in order
to get a good idea of the majority experiences and use that to determine
what improvements are required.


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