On 28/03/15 11:46, Michael Schumacher wrote:
A context menu that acts like a real context menu, i.e. shows options that are most relevant to the current context either exclusively or at least in some kind of prominent position, e.g. at the top. This has been discussed a few times already, but not real plans or work have been done yet. A downside is that it would change the order of the option in the latter case (think of e.g. the Select menu being sorted to the menu bottom is there is no selection) and not show some at all in the former case (if e.g. all disabled options would not be shown at all in GIMP menus).

These contextual menus are a mixed blessing. Of course they make things simple, but it can be somewhat too simple. How will new users discover options or functionalities that are new to them(*)? The people who really benefit from this are the advanced users but they don't really care...

(*) taking that to an extreme: you wouldn't see the bump map filter until you have at least two layers of the same size in your image, or "Text along path" unless you have already created a path....

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