> Even if they give us
> back the control of the account and say "oups sorry, our bad, that was
> a mistake", I vote for GIMP to first stop using Sourceforge at all
> (and too bad for broken links), do as much noise as possible for other
> projects to leave it and stop using it, and maybe more.
I agree, if it hadn't been because they unbeknown to us had updated the
installer, the links would be pointing to an old version anyway. I think it
is better to have broken links and force people do a quick google search,
than having users install old versions with fewer features and more bugs.

 > And are you now? I received it because I am in direct Cc, but others
 > have not apparently (according to IRC). Your message is probably in
 > moderation.
I did get a mail saying it was currently in moderation. I have subscribed,
but I sent it from a different email address by accident.

Sebastian Wahl
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