On 05/30/2015 03:46 AM, Sam Gleske wrote:

> In fact, the direct download link for Windows is a tiny "this link"
> at the end of the description paragraph underneath the GIANT torrent 
> link.

As you can see in the thread I linked to, this is going to change - with
both links to be more prominent than they have been before.

> There are plenty of trusted binary hosting services for open source
> projects.  One not need look far for alternate hosting if the worry is GIMP
> infrastructure overload.

I'm actually not sure if it ever was a real overload, could also jut be
that the web server config we have limited the connections.

Nowadays, this does not seem to be an issue - probably due to the fact
that there are tons of torrent seeders for the current downloads, and
many people use it.

Changing to the current server was not entirely voluntary - we had our
previous one failing, and now GNOME generously provides a virtual
machine in one of the data centers the use themselves.

> Personally I feel the "Download" button on the front page should
> actually download the software (detecting your browser language and
> platform).

For that to work, it will have to be easy to switch between different

> Regardless of the way in which the downloads are presented.  I do think the
> downloads page is pretty busy.  My friends need someone like me to help
> them sort it out when they're getting their copy of GIMP.  I feel that flow
> is in need of improvement.

I guess the new layout will make it easier for them.

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