On 06/01/2015 01:14 AM, Gez wrote:
> El dom, 31-05-2015 a las 17:14 +0100, C R escribió:
>> It does say "via BitTorrent" on the teal link.
>> There's a good case to be made for just listing the torrent file as a
>> smaller text-link after the orange download button, though. If I had my
>> way, we would not be listing a torrent at all for windows users, as there
>> are far too many things that can go wrong for that platform. However, I'm
>> trying to present a solution that everyone is okay with. Esp the developers
>> who will, in the end, be applying these patches to the site. Most of the
>> devs have been supportive of keeping the torrent link (at least as)
>> prominent as the direct download link.
> Hi,
> I just followed the previous posts and I confirm that it looked bad
> before you trimmed the text as Michael said.
> Now text fits, but the problem wasn't the length of text but its font.

> Thank you for taking care of this. Let me know if you need a hand.

This change is live now - it was rather easy to apply into the current
layout. Thanks, C R.

I've tested it on

and started the deployment to

(remember: these pages adjust to your platform)

I think we should try that for the Windows downloads only for a few
days, probably make some adjustments to the code (I would prefer the
links to be usable without styling, right now the ordering of the text
is a bit weird then)

I've also got an idea how the platform switching can be done with the
current infrastructure in a rather easy way, but I do not want this
change to interfere with the deployment of those buttons.

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