I like the new single window mode.

I always was confused about the several-windows mode of operation.

There is one thing that confuses me though and this is that the interface
on the right side.

I made a screenshot, which explains it:


As you can see, the main interface is on the right side.

I would like to have it on the left side though, just as in
the old gimp modal interface or in adobe photoshop.

I have not found a simple way to move everything to
the left side.

I am sure a simple way must exist because this is the default in
gimp modal - I am so used to it to be on the left side,
I don't know why it is on my right side.

Now there already is a tiny button on the top right side.

My suggestion is:

Would it be possible to add one new entry there, something
that states:

"Move interface to the left side"


Perhaps it should be made available only when gimp is running
in single window mode - but I would very much like to be able
to easily switch everything to the left side, my old brain is
getting confused that after all the years, things are now on the
right side.

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