On 09/18/2015 12:01 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
The Color Management Preferences combination that sometimes causes a
crash seems to be:

1. Open or make a floating point sRGB image with out of gamut RGB values.
      As an aside, out of gamut RGB values generate screenfuls of
terminal messages like the following:
(gimp-2.9:23822): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: value "((GimpRGB*)
0x3664030)" of type 'GimpRGB' is invalid or out of range for property
'color' of type 'GimpRGB'. These terminal messages are not usually
accompanied by GIMP crashing.

2. Under "Edit/Preferences/Color Management/Print simulation profile"
choose an RGB profile that is of the "LUT" type rather than a simple
matrix RGB profile. The "Softproof rendering intent"  doesn't matter,
and it doesn't matter whether using or not using black point compensation.

3. Select "Mark out of gamut colors". This is what triggers the crash,
but only when combined with 1. and 2., and even then, not always.

Hmm, hopefully it was implied by the post topic, but in "Edit/Preferences/Color Management" pick "Print simulation" as the "Mode of operation".
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