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> El mié, 30-09-2015 a las 23:49 +0200, Michael Natterer escribió:
> > I hope that nobody uses debian testing, the most unstable of
> > all debians :) 

> Sore feelings after the gcc-5 migration? :-)

More to the point for GIMP development, both Debian and Gentoo (also mentioned) 
are distributions that aim for a certain amount of systems administration 
knowledge from their users - e.g. the ability to edit a text-based 
configuration file now and again. It's fine for experienced developers and 
system administrators, and for keen hobbyists too :), but for the people who 
don't realize that there's a single command that will automatically download 
and install all those 100 build requires Sam mentioned :) maybe Fedora, Mageia 
or Ubuntu would be better.

For a VM I'm not sure it matters much what is used, although it takes me a day 
or two to download a Linux distribution here at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps so a 
lightweight distribution would seem to be a win.

But, given that for me it's almost always been a matter of git clone of 3 
packages, and running autogen.sh and make install on each of them with a 
prefix, I'm probably not in the target audience. In addition, people *not* 
running Debian and who needed to install additional software in the VM would 
need to learn a 2nd package management system, so the VM approach may be good 
for introducing people to the git version of gimp but not so good for longer 
term use. But hey, introducing people to development is a good thing.

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