On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 5:27 PM, Pat David wrote:
> I'm afk for most of the day today, with sporadic phone connectivity.  I'll
> do my best to address any questions.  Anything more complex will have to
> wait until the evening here (-06:00UTC).
> The new site SGO (http://static.gimp.org) is ready to be migrated whenever
> it's needed.  I have also put a simple file as a news post for the 20th
> anniversary.  It's a markdown file located in the source at:
> /content/news/2015-11-18 20-years-of-gimp.md
> If someone (looking at prokoudine) wanted to write an announcement, this is
> the file to do it.  If you don't have the build environment up, feel free
> to email me the .md file and I'll put it up this evening ahead of a
> switchover.

I'll only be able to have a go at it tomorrow morning (I'm in
+3:00UTC), and I'm still to complete release notes for 2.9.2.

> If there are any lingering things that need to be addressed (there are),
> I'll get to them after we push the new site.  I don't think there's
> anything that's a show-stopper at the moment.  If so, please let me know
> asap, and I'll try to get it patched up this evening.

Debug messages in the footer of every page?

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