Owen Cook writes:
> I searched my history for libmypaint as well as otherthings found I did this;
> a.  git clone https://github.com/mypaint/libmypaint.git
> b.  I then read the README.md
> c.  Had to install scons
> d.  The last scons command was # scons prefix=/home/owen/Gimp-GIT 
> enable_gegl=true
> (but judging by the number of other attempts, I must have had some problem)
> e.  That generated the libmypaint-gegl.pc
> f.  then I exported /home/owen/Gimp-GIT/libmypaint to the PKG_CONFIG path
> g.  Lastly I installed MyPaint from a debian package manager for the brushes
> h.  rebuilt gimp, there was an entry to load mypaint brushes, but "it didn't 
> work"

Here's what I needed on Debian sid:

git clone https://github.com/mypaint/libmypaint.git
cd libmypaint/
sudo apt-get install scons libjson-c-dev
sudo scons prefix=/usr/local/gimp-git/ enable_gegl=true install

Then configure, make, make install gimp as usual.

To use it (I had to dig around the source to figure it out):
Tools->Paint Tools->MyPaint Brush (or there's a new icon in the
Toolbox), then Windows->Dockable Dialogs->MyPaint Brushes. It shows
a selection of standard MyPaint brushes and they work fine in
monochrome. Pretty cool! I haven't figured out how to get them in
color -- maybe that's not implemented yet.

I tried importing some new brushes and that didn't work:
@Gimp_Official recently retweeted somebody's collection of
neat-looking brushes, so I downloaded them from the link in
and tried installing a few of them in ~/.mypaint/brushes but GIMP can't
load them and doesn't say why, just:
Failed to load data: Error loading [path]/feathersGE.myb

Question for somebody who knows about this new libmypaint dependency:
should we be keeping up to date on libmypaint? In other words, when
I update and build gimp master, I always update and build babl and
gegl first. Should I also update and reinstall libmypaint each time
I update GIMP? Or should we be using a particular tag or branch
of libmypaint?

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