GIMP's new LCH blend modes are wonderful. But trying to use these new blend modes without the proper supporting tools is sort of like being given a new Aston-Martin with a 35-mile-per-hour governor on the engine.

To make the LCH blend modes truly useful GIMP needs:

* an LCH Hue-Chroma tool.
* LCH color sliders added to the "Change Foreground Color" dialog.
* the Luminance blend mode in addition to the LCH Lightness blend mode.

There are already more or less useable patches for the LCH Hue-Chroma tool and LCH color sliders (, and for the Luminance blend mode (

Adding the LCH Hue-Chroma tool and LCH color picker sliders for GIMP 2.10, right alongside the eventually-to-be-deprecated(?) HSV Hue-Saturation tool and HSV color picker sliders, would allow GIMP users a chance to adapt to LCH before HSV is summarily removed from the UI.


How to split tone digital images using LCH and Luminance blend modes

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