08.02.2016, 15:20, "SL SL" <sl88hz...@ya.ru>:
> Hello,
> May be you know, but most amount users have problems with hotkey switching on 
> Windows XP/7 x86/x64. Gimp 2.8.14/2.8.16.
> This problem may resolve - manually switch Ru-En /EN/RU/ layout when gimp 
> loading in progress. In that moment OS switching layout indicator by itself, 
> sometimes indicator EN/RU can disappear. Also hotkeys are working if user 
> manually set in properties switching hotkeys CTRL+cyrillyc symbol.
> Many users will be grateful to GIMP developers if this bug will be solved. 
> Bugzilla request registrity,
> Thanks. Have nice day.

Some add-on:
Bug- switch layout is not problem itself, but hotkeys combinations don`t work.
It working if change english symbol Ctrl+V on Ctrl+"лю" on same button, but RU 
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