The following three bugs are closed, but there still seems to be a related? new? bug with nohalo scaling (and probably lohalo, but not with cubic or linear):
Bug 634901 - Resizing an image with alphachannel creates 1 pixel border down and right
Bug 698601 - scaling up without alpha adds several-pixel gradient border
Bug 734378 - Image manipulation (scale,rotate) may cause vertical image artefacts

Scaling up or down using nohalo produces a partially transparent border around the layer if the layer has an alpha channel. This is a long-standing issue that still obtains (at least scaling down has produced the edge artifact for a long time, bug 698601 describes the opposite situtation for scaling up).

I only just discovered that removing the alpha channel at least sometimes allows to scale a layer without creating the edge artifacts. So I'm not sure if removing the alpha channel always allows to scale without creating edge artifacts.

This bug was confirmed using babl/GEGL/GIMP updated today.

Should I file a new bug report? or maybe instead open one of the old bug reports?

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