On  2.4.2016 at 8:53 AM Socio Farm wrote:
As a part of academics we are asked to choose a free open source s/w and
bring about some mere changes by changing playing with its source code. can
you guide us, we want to add a calculator widget in GIMP. and we don't have
any idea about it.


welcome and thanks for your interest in coding for GIMP!

A calculator widget in an image editing application is something that
looks somehow odd to me personally. We already have a similar feature:
Is it that what you mean? I couldn't find no bug reports for it, but
perhaps anyone else here knows about issues with this feature.

If you are looking for interesting or newcomer topics then I can
recommend our GEGL port (which is our most important topic for now)
or you take a look at our newcomer bugs:

If you need assistance come to #gimp at irc.gimp.org.

Happy coding & greetings


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